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The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland

Charles Henry Mockridge
published in 1896


Parishes and clergy of the
Diocese of Huron
in 1857
In 1844 an elaborate tabulated statement was made, showing the clergy with their parishes and missions in the diocese at that time. It is interesting to compare it with the list of 1820. It is as follows, divided into districts corresponding with the dioceses afterwards formed. A clergy list changed from seventeen to one hundred and five in twenty-four years showed a large increase in the population of the country, and also a fair amount of Church energy and work:

Huron. - William Bettridge, Woodstock;   D. E. Blake, Adelaide;   Michael Boomer, Galt;   Charles Crosbie Brough, London Township;   M. Burnham, St. Thomas;   Robert F. Campbell, Goderich;   J . Carey, Walpole Island;   H. C. Cooper, Usborne, Biddulph, McGillivray, etc.;   Benjamin Cronyn. London;   Adam Elliot, Tuscarora;   Francis Gore Elliott, Colchester;   Francis Evans, Woodhouse (Simcoe);   Richard Flood, Caradoc (Muncey);   John Hickie, Blenheim, etc.;   William Henry Hobson, Chatham;   F. Mack, Amherstburg;   W. Morse, Paris;   A. Mortimer, Warwick;   A. Nelles, Mohawk;   G. Petrie, Burford;   A. Pyne, Moore;   Thomas B. Read, Port Burwell;   William Ritchie. Sandwich;   John Rothwell, Ingersoll, Oxford, etc.;   James Stewart, Tyrconnell;   James Campbell Usher, Brantford.

Algoma. - Frederick Augustus O'Meara, Manitoulin Island, Sault Ste. Marie, etc.

Niagara. - James L. Alexander, Binbrook;   John Anderson, Fort Erie;   G. M. Armstrong, Louth (Port Dalhousie);   A. F. Atkinson, St. Catharines;   T. Creen, Niagara;   Thomas Brock Fuller, Thorold;   J. Gamble Geddes, Hamilton;   G. Graham, Nassagaweya;   Thomas Greene, Wellington;   G. R. F. Grout, Grimsby;   B. C. Hill, Cayuga, etc.;   William Leeming, Chippawa;   W. McMurray, Ancaster and Dundas;   F. W. Miller, Chippawa Forces;   J. Mockridge, Elora, etc.;   Arthur Palmer, Guelph;   A. Townley. Dunnville;   G. W. Warr, Oakville.

Toronto. - Samuel B. Ardagh, Barrie;   Samuel Armour, Cavan;   Alexander Neil Bethune, Cobourg;   W. S. Darling, Scarborough;   Thomas Fidler, Fenelon Falls;   John Gibson, Georgina;   H. J. Grasset, Toronto, Assistant;   George Hallen, Penetanguishene;   R. Harding, Penetanguishene;   G. S. J. Hill, Chinguacousy, Tullamore, etc.;   A. Jamieson, Brock, Uxbridge, etc.;   T. S. Kennedy, Darlington, Bowmanville;   Robert Jackson McGeorge, Streetsville;   John McIntyre, Orillia;   J. M. A. McGrath, Springfield;   V. P. M. A. Meyerhofer, Markham;   George Maynard, North Gate (Toronto Township);   George Mortimer, Thornhill;   Featherstone L. Osler, Tecumseth;   Henry Bath Osler, Lloydtown;   John Pentland, Whitby;   T. Phillips, Weston;   W. H. Ripley, Toronto, Trinity;   C. Ruttan (Assistant), Cobourg;   Alexander Sanson, York Mills;   H. Scadding (Assistant), Toronto;   Wm. Shaw, Colborne;   Jonathan Shortt, Port Hope;   Bishop Strachan, Toronto;   G. C. Street, Newmarket;   R. J. C. Taylor, Peterborough;   John Wilson (Curate), Cobourg.

Ontario - A. Adamson, Amherst Island;   T. H. M. Bartlett, Kingston Garrison;   Ph. G. Bartlett, Carrying Place;   Robert Blakey. Prescott;   Job Deacon, Adolphustown;   E . Denroche, Brockville;   S. Givens, Napanee;   John Grier, Belleville; W. H. Gunning, New Dublin;   W. F. S. Harper, Bath;   Catechist, Marysburgh;   W. Herchmer (Assistant), Kingstown Township;   W. Macaulay, Picton;   E. Morris, Lansdowne, etc.; Henry Patton, Kemptville; R. V. Rogers, Kingston; Paul Shirley, Camden, Loughboro, etc.;   Ven. G. Okill Stuart, Kingston.

Ottawa - Edward Jukes Boswell, Carleton Place;   John Flood, Richmond;   M. Harris, Perth;   M. Ker, March;   J. G. B. Lindsay, Williamsburg;   Hannibal Mulkins, Pakenham;   James Padfield, Franktown;   R. Rolph, Osnabruck;   Samuel Spratt Strong, Bytown (Ottawa);   A. Williams, Cornwall.

This amounts to 105, viz., Huron 26, Algoma 1, Niagara 18, Toronto 32, Ontario 18, Ottawa 10.

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