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The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland

Charles Henry Mockridge
published in 1896


Anglican Missionaries to South-Western Ontario
Charles Henry Mockridge
In 1820 there were only sixteen clergymen in Upper Canada, classified by districts, corresponding with dioceses afterwards formed, as follows:

Huron - Romaine Rolph, Amherstburg;   Richard Pollard, Sandwich.

Niagara - Ralph Leeming, Ancaster;   Robert Addison, Niagara;   William Leeming, Chippawa;   William Sampson, Grimsby; B. B. Stevens, Queenston.

Toronto - Joseph Thompson, Cavan;   William Macaulay, Cobourg (then Hamilton township);   John Strachan, Toronto.

Ontario - John Stoughton, Ernestown (Bath);   John Leeds, Brockville (Elizabethtown); George Okill Stuart, Kingston;   F. Myers, Matilda.

Ottawa - Salter J. Mountain, Cornwall;   Michael Harris, Perth;   John G. Weagant, Williamsburg.

There was a memorable gathering of these clergy in this year (1820), when the Bishop (Dr. Jacob Mountain) visited Upper Canada.

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In 1820 Upper Canada was part of the Diocese of Quebec. The Diocese of Quebec had been formed in 1793 with Dr. Jacob Mountain (1749-1825) as its first bishop.

The Diocese of Toronto was formed in 1839 to cover Upper Canada.

The Diocese of Toronto subdivided
in 1857 when the Diocese of Huron was formed;
in 1861 when the Diocese of Ontario was formed;
in 1875 when the Diocese of Niagara was formed.
The Diocese of Ontario was subdivided when the Diocese of Ottawa was formed in 1896.

Bishop John Strachan